Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What have I gotten myself into?!

Team Haka...

Don't know what that is?
 I do, its a team of runner and bikers, one of them is a REAL iron woman! And  another one has way too much energy to know what to do with all of it and the other is an extremely driven woman who will do anything she sets her mind to, like run a marathon that includes tons of training and I keep hearing her say things like "I am really enjoying it".
And they asked me to be a part of their team????? Here's the kicker, I said YES! WTF was I thinking?? Well I will tell you, I am thinking that these people are AWESOME, yes that is right awesome and so am I. And these awesome people might just give me the kick in the ass to bring out my awesomeness on the fitness level. I know I have it in me, but for some reason it is just not wanting to come out lately. And they must know I have it too if they are willing to ask me to participate. I was warned however that I needed to bring my "A game".
So "A game" it is! A kick in the ass is what I need and that is what I have signed up for today, I know it!
Will keep you posted... and hope I survive!
Here is my plan:

step 1: go get my treadmill from my friend's house, I am such an indian giver, but hey, gotta look out for number one right?

step 2: get on it! Oh did I mention the challenge doesn't start until March 4th - so I have a few days to prepare my will for it.

step 3: give it all I've got! I think I am going to make this my main focus for now, hopefully this will help me stop obsessing about my weight, hell maybe this will even help me lose some, oh weight, I mean shit wait, I am supposed to stop obsessing about that. Oh well, hopefully that will come with the "runner's high" I hope to experience.

Enough for now, I've got work to do....

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