Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 3

So today is the third day I have been trying something new. And this trying something new is really just a different approach all together about food and dieting. I am still trying to lose weight but I am trying to make it so that it is not the only thing on my mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Its getting old and quite frankly, I am over it controlling my life. I have so much more important things to focus on that need my attention and I can help in a positive way if I am not constantly obsessing about my weight and trying to lose it, or unhappy I am that yet again I have gained back what I lost. So here is how its going to go. I am working on my mind first and foremost.

We all know this is true.
Number two is focusing on exercising more. The stride across America challenge with Team Haka will help this, and help me refocus the objective.
Next, I am doing the Body by Vi challenge. Today was day number 3. I have only done one shake for breakfast thus far. So far so good. I think it is helping, but it's still early.

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