Thursday, February 28, 2013


Has not been a very good day for a weight loss blog post. I have not been able to shove enough stuff in my pie hole today! The clothes I am wearing are not comfortable, in fact I haven't been comfortable in my work clothes in sometime now... this is a sign.
Here is a pic of what I chose to wear today
I was going for the classy busy working mom look, did I pull it off?
In the bathroom at work with the dirty mirror! LOL
I have to go make an appearance at the kids school after WORKING all day and after my CLASS that I have to leave early to hopefully catch my kids perform in the school talent show. I need to keep up with those moms who don't work full time jobs and spend their days at the gym and looking at pinterest for new ways to do their hair and fashion/makeup tips. SIKE! J/k I don't try to keep up with them, there's no use. I smile politely at them, like a good role model.

Anyway I was going to blog about how awesome I did today, I even took a picture of my healthy snacks I prepared for today...
This is my healthy shakes and snacks for the day, an orange julius shake for breakfast,  a banana, fresh veggies and some dip, babybel light cheese, 100 calorie pack almonds and a butterfinger shake for lunch.

Well I went through just about all of that by lunchtime, I had the cheese and veggies after lunch and I am still hungry!! Like HONGRY, border line HANGRY! Wth is wrong? I am thinking I am getting close to that time of the month and sometimes that comes with me eating anything in a mile radius. This must be one of those times. I am not sure how I am going to make it through class without eating my arm, maybe I should eat my partners arm, she is much skinnier so I am sure her's has less calories than mine. 
Getting ready to chug some water and take a walk away from my desk to get a coffee... maybe that will help if not at least I will have to be in the bathroom a lot.

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